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Life as an Intern

Life as an Intern

We came into this internship with no expectation of the kinds of projects we would work on. During the interview process we heard vague references to “SAP”, “BusinessObjects”, and “Business Intelligence;” phrases which to us carried no meaning. The unique perspective we hoped this internship could offer was a marriage between software development and real world business.

Our first week was mostly training sessions, long lunches with our new co-workers and bosses, and hands-on experience using a wide range of SAP tools. Soon training turned into experimentation and exploration to test what could be done through the BusinessObjects framework. From there we split into teams and dove into our initial projects, embracing the agile style of project management that would become our new norm.

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InternsDecision First Technologies Summer 2015 Interns
Catherine Chen, Gokul Tiruchanur, Joshua Morton, Jason Libby, Keshav  Parwal


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