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Bullets on BI Mobile

Bullets on BI Mobile

No. Not a new gun law. Instead, these bullets give us the ability to visualize a quantitative measure compared to a target and a qualitative range of performance values. A bullet chart was originally designed to replace gauges and dials that can take up too much space on a dashboard view. If you have not used them, I would encourage you to incorporate them as a report visualization element. In BI Mobile, SAP makes it easy to translate the bullet chart data into a great visualization window on the iPad. Simply create a Web Intelligence report block with the following columns for each KPI (dimension):

  • the actual value of the KPI
  • the comparative value (your target)
  • the minimum, middle, and maximu, value associated with eack KPI

Therefore, the basic steps for setting up are the following:

  1. Create a new webi report
  2. Insert the fields: field dimension, actual, comparative/target, max, mid, and min columns in a table (in that order)
  3. Rename table block with the following syntax structure: ;BC_[nane for column to contain bullet charts]_C_[first column of data for bullet charts]_t1[fields column number]
  • BC represents bullet chart
  • C represents column
  • t1_1 represents the fields column for naming each bullet chart

Save to make it available in mobile.

bullets on BI pic one

Figure 1: Example of webi report for mobile bullet chart

The report in Figure 1 was specifically designed for this example but you may decide to layout your table how you choose. However, one rule of setting up these charts would be to ensure that your table has at least 6 columns.

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