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Save on SABOC & Score Big on Education, Influence & Networking

We have a sweet deal for you to a hot destination attended by the smartest people in the business, featuring state-of-the-art SAP customer stories that add up to, yes, you got it, the only cool SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects event of the year, SABOC.

Starting Monday (July 27th) morning at 12:01 am CT, and running for three days only, you save:

  • $500 if you register on Day 1
  • $400 if you register on Day 2
  • $300 if you register on Day 3

Plus save an additional $100 off by applying the Decision First promo code P23001!

The SABOC flash sale ends at 12:00 am (midnight) CT Wednesday, July 29.

We are excited about this event taking place in Austin, TX  the music destination (and more) of the South. And we have a lineup of customer stories, SAP roadmaps, hands-on education, influence opportunities, and dashboard entertainment that is just unprecedented. Bottom line? We want everyone in BI and analytics to add to and benefit from the synergy of this unique event in the SAP ecosystem.

Do the analytics and make it happen. Just enter code FLASH15 when prompted.

We look forward to seeing you there!



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