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Webinar: Harness The Power of Big Data with Predictive Analytics & SAP HANA – Now On-Demand

Extract Trends, Predict Outcomes and Prepare for the Future. 
The evolution of what is possible continues with SAP’s Predictive Analysis solution. The ability to analyze vast amounts of historical data and create accurate projections of future trends is no longer the sole domain of data scientists and the academic elite. With Predictive Analysis, the business person can now extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for what’s to come. And when driven by SAP HANA you can harness the power of Big Data analytics.

You Will Learn:

  • What makes the SAP Predictive Analysis solution both unique and valuable to your business
  • Examples of how predictive analysis is used within specific industries
  • How combining SAP Predictive Analysis with SAP HANA enables greater and faster predictive insight

A live demo using SAP HANA data will be shown to illustrate

the power, ease of use and engaging visual experience the solution creates.


Now On-Demand



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