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Using People Analytics to Increase Employee Loyalty

Using People Analytics to Increase Employee Loyalty

The ability to attract and retain a loyal employee base and understand root causes for employee disengagement and disloyalty are key strategic objectives for every organization – big or small. If you want to improve employee productivity and/or decrease the cost associated with attracting and retaining employees, you need to move along the analytics maturity curve and start leveraging People Analytics.

What is People Analytics?

Put simply, people analytics is a predictive, data-driven approach to managing people at work. Analytics centered around your employees. It is used to address people-related issues, such as talent acquisition, performance evaluations, leadership positioning, hiring and promotion, job and team design, and employee compensation.

Increasing Employee Loyalty Using People Analytics

People analytics help you merge employee data, company data, and market data to predict and interpret valuable employees’ behaviors, as well as operations-level insights, giving you competitive vision for developing your retention strategies.

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John Harris Headshot About John Harris

John Harris, Senior Manager – Predictive Modeling and Advanced Analytics, has over 16 years of industry experience applying strategic thinking and advanced analytical skill set to optimize resources, improve processes and develop quantitative models that turn data into decision-aid information for all levels of leadership. Airline and energy utility employers have attempted to patent his deliverables related to predictive and optimization modeling.


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