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HANA Sentiment Analysis with SAP Predictive Analytics

HANA Sentiment Analysis with SAP Predictive Analytics

One of the new features I’m most excited about with the new SAP Predictive Analytics 2.4 update is the HANA Sentiment Analysis module that’s been added for HANA online mode.

The HANA Text Analytics engine has been available for several years, but has remained somewhat inaccessible due to the relatively complex interface required to use it.

I’ve written in the past about how much I love the SAP HANA (and SAP Data Services) text analtytics engine for analyzing social media data surrounding the Sharknado movie, and I also co-authored an SAP Press E-Book about the various text analytics tools available within the SAP ecosystem, but I’m so excited because this new component makes this powerful tool available to business users for the first time. For full details on how SAP text analytics works, how to create and use full text indexes within SAP HANA, and a long list of business-related applications for text analysis, checkout the SAP Press E-Book Text Analytics with SAP, released in October 2015.

HANA Sentiment Analysis Module

With Expert Analytics within Predictive Analytics 2.4, SAP has opened up a portion of this functionality to business users within the Expert Analytics tool. The HANA Sentiment Analysis module is found under the Data Preparation function category.

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