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SAP Predictive Analytics Custom R Component for Correlation Plot

SAP Predictive Analytics Custom R Component for Correlation Plot

One great use of SAP Predictive Analytics Expert Analytics R Custom Components is to create an easily-run process for a particular calculation, chart, or visualization that you want to perform often. One example of this is correlation analysis, which is a step that many data scientists perform as a pre-processing and inspection step when building a predictive model.

Expert Analytics does have some built-in data analysis exhibits that are automatically generated whenever a predictive workflow is run (some examples are below), but they only produce exhibits for numeric data fields.

custom component 1

custom component 2

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Hilary BlissAbout Hillary Bliss
Hillary Bliss is a Senior ETL Consultant at Decision First Technologies, and  specializes in data warehouse design, ETL development, statistical analysis, and  predictive modeling. She works with clients and vendors to integrate business  analysis and predictive modeling solutions into the organizational data  warehouse and business intelligence environments based on their specific operational and strategic business needs. She has a master’s degree in statistics and an MBA from Georgia Tech.


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