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Text Analysis with SAP

Text Analysis with SAP

There’s a lot of value in unstructured data, but parsing it isn’t something any old analytics engine can do. In this E-Bite, find out how to use SAP HANA, SAP Data Services, and SAP Predictive Analytics for linguistic and sentiment analysis. Get a crash course in the fundamentals of text analysis, and then learn how to perform full-text indexing, text mining, entity extraction, and more. Do you know what your customers are saying?

  • Perform linguistic and sentiment analysis with SAP HANA
  • Explore SAP Data Services’ ready-to-use text analysis capabilities
  • Use real-life sample data to parse customer reviews and other unstructured data

Checkout this new E-Bite from Hillary Bliss and Bruce Labbate! Now available for pre-order!

Hilary BlissAbout Hillary Bliss
Hillary Bliss is the analytics practice lead at Decision First Technologies and specializes in data warehouse design, ETL development, statistical analyis, and predictive modeling.



Bruce Labbate HeadshotAbout Bruce Labbate
Bruce Labbate is a principal consultant at Decision First Technologies for business intelligence, data modeling, and data architecture.


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