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Welcome to the new SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0!

Welcome to the new SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0!

SAP quietly released the new generation of their user-facing predictive analytics offering in February 2015.  This represents the first time their 2 separate tools, Infinite Insight (formerly KXEN) and Predictive Analysis, have been shipped together.  This release also introduces new names for both products, as well as some of the sub components that were part of the former Infinite Insight tool.  The table below shows a translation of the new names and the equivalent previous names.  Despite the name changes, there is relatively little new functionality in either of the tools with the 2.0 release.

new Predictive

Unified Installer and Launch Screen

Probably the most notable change for the 2.0 product is that there is now a unified installer, which installs both the former Infinite Insight (KXEN) tool as well as the SAPPredictive Analysis tool.  Due to the complexity of the Infinite Insight architecture, with 2 versions (server and desktop) and 2 components for installation in the server version, this causes additional complexity when selecting installation packages.  All of the installation packages include the same copy of the Expert Analytics tools (previously SAP Predictive Analysis).  The screenshot below shows the different installation package options.  The most common installation package is the “desktop” package, which includes the full version of Expert Analytics and the local version of Automated Analytics.

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