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Connecting On-Premise Systems to Cloud Infrastructure

Connecting On-Premise Systems to Cloud Infrastructure

Many organizations are moving applications and workloads to the cloud. The move enables IT to quickly scale resources based on actual need and provides consolidated management of infrastructure at a global level. Because of reliability and security issues associated with a basic internet connection, your business should be aware of alternative methods of connecting your existing network to your network in the cloud, such as Amazon’s VPC VPN and Direct Connect options. While there are many cloud providers, this article focuses on Amazon’s cloud offerings.

An effective way to utilize the cloud is to connect on premise systems to an AWS cloud system, creating a hybrid cloud environment. There are several methods for achieving this, as well as several uses for this type of cloud environment. There are many uses for a hybrid cloud environment, including: development and test environments, building new apps (both on premise and cloud), creating apps that integrate back to on premise systems, or migrating existing apps to the cloud. Whatever your business chooses to use the cloud for, you should be aware of the options for connecting your on-premise environment with your cloud environment.


One option for connecting your on-premise environment and your AWS cloud environment is a VPN. The Amazon AWS VPC creates an encrypted private channel for transferring data between your on premise network and your Amazon VPC network. The AWS VPC is managed through Amazon’s Virtual Private Gateway, which allows multiple VPC connections to various sites. Each VPC connection requires a ‘Customer Gateway’ which calls for a unique public IP address. Once connection is established between each site, data can be sent and received from the cloud network (VPC) as if you were using any standard VPN connection.

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