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SAP Real-Time Enterprise Brings Real-Time Problems

SAP Real-Time Enterprise Brings Real-Time Problems

To adapt to the challenges of the SAP real-time enterprise, organizations have to shift from using ‘after the fact’ latency processes to address data quality to implementing those that take place at the point of data entry.

Governing data and measuring and monitoring data quality have always been important to companies, as a result, they spend lots of time and money governing data quality and processes.  Data quality in the source system is more important than ever when a new technology like SAP HANA enters the picture.

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contributor_don_loden_lg About Don Loden

Don is a principal consultant with full life-cycle data warehouse and information governance experience in  multiple verticals. He is an SAP-certified application associate on SAP Data Services, and is very active in the  SAP community, speaking globally at numerous conferences and events.  He has more than 14 years of i  information technology experience in the following areas: ETL architecture, development and tuning, logical  and physical data modeling; and mentoring on data warehouse, data quality, information governance and ETL  concepts.


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