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Defining Aliases Within Your Datastore in Data Services

Defining Aliases Within Your Datastore in Data Services

When developing code within SAP’s Data Services enterprise information management tool, generally requirements dictate having to extract and load data across multiple environments.  Data services utilizes datastores to allow you to connect to a variety of different data sources such as a web service, an adapter, or more commonly a database.  Those database data sources can include everything from SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, even Netezza.  This blog will describe setting up datastores against a Netezza database to utilize the alias functionality to simplify the process of migrating code from development to production.

What is Netezza and how does Data Services connect to it?

Netezza is a powerful Data Warehousing appliance that integrates the database, server, and the storage components into a single system. Netezza is purpose-built for data warehousing and is specifically  designed for running complex data warehousing workloads. As a result of using proprietary architecture to deliver fast query performance, minimal tuning and administration, and high scalability; Netezza is an ideal database system to use for your data warehousing needs.  As with any relational database system, Data Services can easily connect to Netezza using a datastore connection. Data Services can then import the metadata that describes the data through that connection. If the metadata is identical across multiple environments you can have multiple data configurations within one datastore.


Having multiple configurations within one datastore eliminates the need to create a datastore for every single database you need to connect to; which can speed up development time and prevents unnecessary clutter in your local object library.


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Shaun Scott is a Business Intelligence consultant specializing in data warehousing and ETL development. Shaun delivers customized SAP BusinessObjects solutions for customers across all industries. With Decision First Technologies, Shaun utilizes SAP Data Services, Universe Design, Web Intelligence, and a variety of database technologies, including SQL server, DB2, and Netezza.



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