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Publishing Stories to Lumira Cloud

Publishing Stories to Lumira Cloud

The latest release of SAP Lumira and Lumira Cloud included the ability to publish “stories” designed in Lumira (or Predictive Analysis) to Lumira Cloud. Today’s blog shows the process of designing visualizations, creating story boards, and uploading them to SAP Lumira Cloud using the data set from the Customer Lifetime Value case study blog. Our story board will describe the customers for AdventureWorks Cycle Company, as well as summarize the Customer Lifetime Value and purchase habits for different groups of customers.

Building Stories

The first step in building a story board is creating saved visualizations on the “Visualize” tab in Lumira. Only saved visualizations can be included in story boards, it is not possible to design visualizations within the “Compose” tab, so the story board author should think about the analysis story and design visualizations to convey all of the important components.

Once a library of saved visualizations has been developed, click on the “Compose” pane to start a new story. There are a variety of multi-panel board designs, or the use can design their own by dragging saved visualizations up from the library of saved visualizations at the of the Compose pane. Visualizations and controls can be added in “Edit” mode, as shown below, where the author can design and control what the user will see. Authors can also add pictures and additional text notes to call out insights or personalize the story board with product images, for example.

Lumira Blog 1

Developing a logical plan for the analysis is critical to story design. In order to explain the customers at AWCC, I’m building 3 boards within my story. The first profiles customers and determines how many customers are in each demographic segment. The second looks at the purchase of Product X and the breakdown by different demographic groups, while the last board summarizes customer lifetime value across demographics. Once I have added my saved visualizations to the board, I can enter “View” mode, shown below, and interact with the story board the way a user would.

Lumira blog 2

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