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What’s New in Predictive Analysis Version 1.0.11

What’s New in Predictive Analysis Version 1.0.11

In early June 2013, SAP Released version 1.0.11 of Predictive Analysis. This release is the first to introduce some great new features that will make it easier than ever to implement predictive models. Nearly all the updates in this version affect the HANA-Online mode only, though the new “Add a Component” feature is available in both online and offline modes.

PAL Algorithm Export

One of the best features of Predictive Analysis is the new feature to export a saved model within PA as a HANA stored procedure. This appears to work for PAL algorithms, excluding clustering models. In fact, as of this release it appears that the clustering model save option has been removed altogether. This new export to stored procedure functionality is incredibly useful because new data can be scored without having to open and manually run a predictive workflow in Predictive Analysis – this HANA stored procedure can be used to score any new observations or even integrated into applications or exposed as a web service to enable real-time scoring.

In order to export a scoring procedure back to SAP HANA, you must run the analysis and then right-click on the algorithm transform in the predictive and select “Save as Model”. The saved model then appears on the “Saved Models” tab in the Predict pane. Right clicking on a model in the “Saved Models” tab and clicking on “Export Model” will bring up the following options for PAL algorithm models.

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