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Data Services Functions, an Exercise in Base Number Conversions

Data Services (DS) scripting language is often seen purely as a means for setting global variables or handling calls to OS level commands. While it is not designed for complex coding or cursor operations the basic operations available in DS lend themselves to a variety of applications. You will see some of those capabilities demonstrated in this article implementing numeric case conversions from and to Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal.

Converting Hexadecimal numbers to Binary numbers

Let’s start out with a function to convert hexadecimal (base 16) numbers over to binary (base 2). Figure 1 contains the header comment block, a break down by section follows.

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ernie-phelpsAbout Ernie Phelps
Ernie is a BI consultant with 15 years experience in Enterprise Information Management (EIM).  He is the Chair of ASUG’s Data Management Special Interest Group and previous Customer Chair of the EIM Influence Council.  At Decision First Technologies, Ernie fulfills a variety of roles including data modeling, ETL development, mentoring, profiling and teaching.



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