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Integrating SAP Data Services with SAP BusinessObjects Planning

Integrating SAP Data Services with SAP BusinessObjects Planning

This blog will describe a generic approach to integrate Excel-based reporting tools to SAP Data Services.  The benefit of this is that it allows the business user to invoke complex SAP Data Services ETL processes from their familiar Excel-based reporting tools.  This saves both time and money by not requiring IT support to run SAP Data Services jobs and instead allowing business users from finance and accounting to run jobs as needed.  This can be particularly useful for accountants during close, when they need to update the data more frequently

This technique could be used for a variety of Excel-based reporting tools including SAP’s BPC, BusinessObjects Planning (SRC) and PeopleSoft’s NVision to name a few.  An example will be shown using Data Services to integrate with BusinessObjects Planning (SRC).  Using this approach the users were able to run a scheduled job from BusinessObjects Planning to invoke a Data Services job, which then calls back to BusinessObjects Planning to load the table that Data Services created. 

DS Planning Integration

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David Bath

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David Bath is a principal business intelligence consultant and has over 15 years of BI and IT experience. He currently focuses on Budget and Planning as well as BI tools and processes. He has consulted with many companies over the past 8 years across all major industry types including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Insurance and Banking to name a few. With Decision First, David primarily works with the SAP BusinessObjects Planning, IDD and EIM tools. This includes experience with BusinessObjects Planning (SRC), BPC, Data Data Services, Universe Design, Web Intelligence,  Xcelsius, BusinessObjects Enterprise, and BOE architecture.


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